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Awesome New Tissot Watches at Low Prices!! (Plus an Extra $50 Coupon!) - Watch Watchdog - Wristwatch News, Reviews and Deals

Awesome New Tissot Watches at Low Prices!! (Plus an Extra $50 Coupon!)

Tissot NBA Watches

Tissot watches are great. If you know anything about Tissot watches, you’ll know that they’re very well made, and that they’re usually expensive. So when we saw that Tissot came out with a new set of watches and saw the price, we were floored.

They’re under $200…and if you can find a good sale, you can get them for just a little over $100! How incredible is that for a Tissot watch? If you’ve been wanting to add a Tissot to your collection, but didn’t want to pay that much for it…this is a great way to get one for a lot lower of a price than you’re used to.

They’re called NBA watches, because each Tissot watch has the colors of the NBA team on the band, and if you turn the watch over, you’ll see the name of the team as well.

Tissot NBA Watch Front

But let’s face it. You don’t need to be a fan of a basketball team in order to buy the watch. My husband just bought one. He’s not really a fan of any NBA teams…but he likes the color orange. So he bought this one you can see here.

It’s a Phoenix Sun’s Tissot watch, as you can tell from looking at the back of the watch. But like I said, he only chose it because he likes the colors of the band. Unless someone turned over the watch, which is a bit difficult if you’re wearing it, no one would know that it was a watch that had the colors of the team on it. They’d just think it was a nice colorful band.

And if you are a basketball fan, this is a great (and yet inexpensive) way to show your support for the team!

Tissot NBA Watch Back

Now let’s go back to the price for a minute. While the retail price is $395.00, at most of the stores I’ve seen it at, it’s been under $200.00. Right now at JomaShop, it’s $179.99 (54% off) and if you use the coupon TTNBA50, you’ll get an extra $50 off, making the watch just $129.99. Shipping is free, so you don’t have to worry about that adding on to the cost.

So in other words, you get a brand new Tissot watch for just $129.99…and there are a lot of really nice sets of colors to choose from.

My husband got his a few weeks ago, and he likes it so much he’s been wearing it almost every day. I really like it to, but with the case size being 42mm, it’s just a bit too big for me. Other women might be ok with wearing it though.

It’s a really great idea to come out with all of these watches for NBA teams. Now I just have to hope they don’t come out with NHL, MLB, or NFL watches, or we’ll be buying them just because of the teams!

I don’t know how long these lower prices will stick around. I could be wrong, but I have a feeling it’s because the watches are so new. So if you like them, check them out now!

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